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Learning with Mobiles

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It’s time to start assembling our guide to Learning with mobiles!

While mobile learning is fairly new to the scene, learning isn’t. The position we find ourselves in is not one where we a faced with a blank page or a staring into the abyss – in fact there is a huge amount of data, information and research out there, not just about mobile learning – but learning itself. Rather than starting from scratch we are actually starting well ahead of the field. The key is to choose the best approaches and to learn from what has proceeded us.

Dr Jan Herrington, Professor of Education at Murdoch University has been working on eLearning and authentic learning models for many years. Her keynote from ULearn11 goes through some of the characteristics of authentic learning and some of the pedagogical approaches applicable to mobile learning – Tools for learning: Mobile phones and authentic learning tasks. (I love the quote – “teach carpentry, not hammer”. )

Jan has also contributed to a couple of papers that outline pedagogy and research methods:

I’ve been using the curation service ScoopIt and collected a range of resources related to mLearning in Higher Education.

The Victorian Department of Education has been running a iPads for Learning pilot in their primary schools and have collected a range of useful examples, ideas and resources:

Have a look at the post on this blog Creating Unique Mobile Experiences for some ideas about how to incorporate mobility into your learning.

Here’s a great diagram of iPad apps but laid out in using Blooms Taxonomy: Bloom's Taxonomy for iPads


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Passionate about good design, motivated by the power of media and enchanted by the opportunities of technology.

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