mlearn project

Charles Sturt University's Mobile Learning Project

About the Project

In 2011 Charles Sturt University embarked on its maiden journey into the world of mobile learning through the establishment of the mLearn project. The initiative will focus on mobile learning within the unique context of Charles Sturt University. Being the biggest distance education provider in Australia puts us in a unique position, both locally and globally, in the higher education sector. It also presents us with a distinct and dispersed student population who present challenges that are very different from almost all other universities.

The project is split into two phases focussing on key areas.

Phase One (2011-2012) is a ‘sprint’ aimed at getting stuck in and producing results that can help shape and inform future developments:

  • mobilising specific features and tools from the learning management system,
  • running trials of tablet devices with students,
  • investigate mobile friendly learning materials, and

In Phase Two (2012-2013) we will broaden the scope of investigation and prepare us for the big shift from print to digital:

  • continue the device trials and expand them to include handheld and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and their use in teaching practice,
  • continue to develop and explore mobile friendly digital resources, and
  • mobilise key systems for access from a range of mobile devices

In November 2012 the project received the Best Project Award 2012 at the 4th Mobile Learning Research Workshop run by the Australia and New Zealand Mobile Learning Group.

The initial findings from the project are discussed in the presentation –

The project has adapted to a constantly shifting environment and adopted an agile approach – snowball rather than waterfall – for its development work. This approach was developed into a concise paper for the Ascilite 2012 conference and given as a presentation –


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