mlearn project

Charles Sturt University's Mobile Learning Project

Future Library Opportunities

The 90 day circulation period due to Apple licencing, means that the iPads remain underutilised. At best, each can be borrowed 4 times per year. The only alternative is to configure the devices and preload them with apps before lending, which would require purchasing extra Apple computers and apps, and limiting student use. A decision needs to be made as to whether the opportunity to experiment and learn about the devices is more or less important than the number of loans.

Further marketing and promotion of the iPads may help with their circulation. This could include a concerted campaign on the Library and Student website, Facebook, Student News and so on, including information about iPads on the Library Services website for students on placement.

The use of iPads by the Faculty Liaison staff has been successful for demonstrating online resources and in online meetings. There is potential for Faculty Liaison Librarians to play a greater role in providing professional development for teaching staff.

Other Australian university libraries are offering classes, and demonstrating ways to use iPads and apps for learning. Feedback from the Library Information & Liaison Services staff,  suggests there is a need for training. The Division of Library Services does not provide on campus classes, and there are aspects of this type of training that should be addressed by Learning Skills Advisors. However, there is potential for Library and Learning Skills to offer online iPad and app training through Adobe Connect, and support for a website that recommends apps.

Investigation of suggested options for lending Sony Readers is necessary. Alternatively, it is important to consider alternative uses, such as Faculty Liaison demonstrations and training for academics, or offering them to Student Service’s Disability Liaison as potential resources for students.


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