mlearn project

Charles Sturt University's Mobile Learning Project

Data Usage

The Project provided all 3G devices with 10Gb of data to ensure that access and equity were not issues. During these trials only one student and one staff member exceeded the data available. The student had to rely heavily on their iPad during a placement in a regional area, because of the lack of available services and infrastructure. The staff member forgot to turn off roaming when overseas, so expended their allowance at a significantly accelerated rate.
Students were concerned about data usage especially those using 3G. Despite all costs being covered by the Project, students did show an unexpected concern. Once shown how to could check progress, they were pleasantly surprised, especially as some students were heavy Skype users during their practicum.

Given that there were only two requests for additional data, it can be safely assumed that in most cases heavy data usage occurred over WiFi and not 3G. Most staff and students reported that they used CSU Connect and their home WiFi far more than the 3G connections. A number of other conclusions can be inferred from this:

  • most use of the iPad was on campus or at home
  • operating system limitations on the download of larger apps may have prevented some downloading
  • 3G was used to augment WiFi and used only when it was unavailable due to location
  • some staff and students reported using 3G when there were issues with CSU Connect, as it provided a safety net in these situations

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