mlearn project

Charles Sturt University's Mobile Learning Project


The designed simplicity of the iPad is one of its key selling points, the availability and proliferation of a peripheral market can augment the device and increase its applications in real life contexts. The Project has trialled a variety of keyboards and stylus to test the iPad’s ability and efficacy in a variety of tasks.

The keyboards provided a much-improved experience for those whose main objective is the creation and editing of large amounts of text. When combined with the portability of the device, the keyboard adds a new dimension allowing the user to replace or extend the use of a larger, bulkier laptop or desktop.

The styli were used in a variety of mathematical applications to test their efficacy in improving handwriting and mark-up to replicate the functionality of pen and paper. Mathematics is a specific discipline area where handwriting is the quickest and most effective way of communication. Complex equations are easier to write and annotate the process of working through a mathematical problem.

There are a vast amount of other peripherals that the Project has not explored, which could easily be used in various discipline areas to augment and extend the capabilities of the iPad.  There is a range of new and upcoming possibilities in the medical field, as well as in the arts and digital media. These peripherals have the ability to change and adapt a very generic and adaptable device into a very specific and high spec tool, often at a much-reduced cost than a single purpose device.


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