mlearn project

Charles Sturt University's Mobile Learning Project


The Project has found that support requirements have been minimal for the iPad. The rollout of a single device has provided an environment where there are “Known knowns and known unknowns” improving risk management, support provision and reducing ongoing issues. Past the initial setup stage, ongoing support requests have been non-existent. There have been a number of students and staff with single isolated issues, but these are often problems with outside platforms or interfacing with CSU infrastructure. These have been quickly resolved when the team can help, and ongoing issues logged via support requests.

The iPad has provided consistency of user experience across devices, making it a simpler system to manage. It has also helped to establish an organic community of practice, which is able to inform each other of practices and techniques, reducing the need for direct intervention.

No devices have failed, but there have been three devices damaged. These have been accidental drops and have resulted in smashed screens, but with hardware still functioning.


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