mlearn project

Charles Sturt University's Mobile Learning Project

The Team

The team working on the mLearn project are divided into a Steering Committee, to oversee the project by the different stakeholders, and the Project Team that will be carrying out the day-to-day tasks.

The Steering Committee

  • Sponsor – Philip Uys – Director Strategic Learning & Teaching Services
  • Project Manager – Michael Van Der Veeke
  • Project Lead – Tim Klapdor – Media Technologist
  • Marian Tulloch – Executive Director Learning & Teaching Services
  • Di Ireland – Director Enterprise Architecture & Liaison
  • Andrea Crampton – Learning & Teaching Sub-Dean Science
  • Alice Ferguson – Acting Executive Director Library Services
  • Liz Smith – Director Academic Support
  • Carole Hunter – Flexible Learning Institute Strategic Projects Officer

The Project Team

  • Vanessa Salway – Librarian
  • Ivan Saric – Solutions Coordinator
  • Roderick Haggith – User Interface Developer
  • Tyswan Slater – Graphic & Interface Designer

The project would not have been possible without the investigative work done by the ILSC commissioned Mobile Learning Investigation by James Brann, Lisa Griffin, Simon Thomson, Matt Morton-Allen, Philip Uys & Tim Klapdor. You can read the report here which includes a range of use cases and personas.

Meet the Team

Tim Klapdor is the Project Manager. Tim has been working on establishing mobile learning at CSU since 2010 researching and putting together the project proposal that kicked it all of. In April 2011 Tim spent the month in the US visiting the iMedEd program at the University of California Irvine, Abilene Christian University and their pioneering Connected initiative and attending the Breaking Development mobile web conference. These two universities have established mobile learning programmes and Tim was able to meet many of the staff and students involved. You can read more on Tim’s blog or from his report.

Philip Uys is the Project Sponsor. As the director of the Strategic Learning & Teaching Innovations, Philip has been a strong leader in the development and deployment of Educational Technologies at CSU. In 2011 Philip completed a number of presentations on mobile learning at a number of universities in Africa that looked at increasing options for student learning through the use of mobile devices. In 2012 he has presented on The mobile movement: what does this mean for tertiary education and Creating and executing a successful mobile learning strategy – a Charles Sturt University case study.

Tyswan Slater is one of the team’s Graphic and Interface Designers and has ten years of experience as a graphic designer and web developer. Prior to joining the mLearn team, she worked on the CSU prospective student site in the Web Marketing team. In another life, Tyswan has worked as an analyst/programmer and a teacher at TAFE. In her spare time she is undertaking a Masters of Creative Arts (Research), and her creative project involves an online graphic novel and internet narrative.

Rod Haggith joins the team as the User Interface Developer. He has worked since 2002 building web sites and the occasional web application. Concentrating mainly on server side languages, he has a current love affair with Javascript, helping to fit odd shapes into odd-shaped holes for a number of CSU projects. Rod enjoys to tinker, and when he’s not ‘tinkering’ about code he can generally be found wandering the hills, enjoying terrible puns, pulling out weeds and/or fleeing from resident emus.


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